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The Alabama Cattlemen's Association, with over 12,500 members, is one of the largest cattlemen's associations in the nation. Every county in the state has its own county chapter. It works to protect, promote, and advance the state's $2 billion beef cattle industry. The Alabama Cattlemen's Association works on behalf of livestock producers to educate consumers, influence farming legislation and promote beef. The "Alabama Cattlemen", the association's monthly magazine keeps members current on new ideas, equipment, and cattle sales.

The livestock industry is one of Alabama's largest agricultural products in terms of cash sales. Many operations consist of small herds having less than 20 brood cows. Cattle operations are located throughout the state with many of them owned by part-time cattlemen on small farms.

Alabama ranks 9th in the U.S. in the number of farms with beef cows. USDA figures show there are 25,000 farms in Alabama with beef cows. Only Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kentucky, Kansas, Iowa and Arkansas have more beef cattle operations. Alabama cattle ranchers are mostly cow-calf operators with feeder calves shipped to out of state feedlots for finishing. A statewide network of 27 stockyards provides easy and ready markets for most Alabama cattlemen.

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john mccain
by skyhightree1 (Posted Fri, 21 Jul 2017 00:02:42 GMT+5)
greybeard wrote:I wish him well and wouldn't wish cancer on anyone.

I agree

Any money in Jersey Bull Calves?
by skyhightree1 (Posted Thu, 20 Jul 2017 23:58:16 GMT+5)
Aaron9876 wrote:I've also wondered if there is any merit to picking up 1-2 cheap dairy calves, raising them on pasture, and butchering them for burger and maybe a few of the nicer steak cuts. Got more grass than cows...

Can't hurt

If old genitics
by SPH (Posted Thu, 20 Jul 2017 23:33:04 GMT+5)
JWBrahman wrote:Hollis wrote:Someone thinks old genetics are worth something. ... grimage%2F

There was a place in California using those same Aberdeen Genetics, Fair Oaks Ranch. Alacowman posted photos and links a while back. They are already out of business.

I've been reading the Purity Thread.

You got a handful of guys shooting each other in the testicles. None of those characters are customers if you catch my drift. The best bull posted on there in a long time was Ed Hawks' herd sire. I wouldn't buy a stick of gum from the purity crowd.

The purity thread on HT needs to be taken with not a grain but a ton of salt because we have yet to see more than hearsay and rumors be proven true as there have not been any published facts or reports to back the claims being made. If they eventually do prove that their claims are true then kudos to those wearing the tin foil hats right now for being the first to make the purity claims but JWBrahman couldn't have said it better when he described it as "a handful of guys shooting each other in the testicles." Anyone who who is thinking of using a Hereford bull right now and that is the first thing they might come across wouldn't touch the breed with a 10 foot pole if they believed all of what they read. By taking the hard stance and trashing the breed like they are they are not only doing others harm but hurting their own reputation as well whether they realize it or not. Why aren't these guys showing up at Hereford events to interact with other breeders or making a call or asking for a 1 on 1 meeting with the CEO to discuss these issues face to face instead of hiding behind a computer keyboard?

I'm not going to ignore that there may be questions of purity in the breed because I think the same could be said for just about any breed when you come across traits or abnormalities that don't make sense but some of the claims that people have knowingly been passing off crossbreds as purebreds and accusing associations of covering it up without any factual evidence is just careless gossip. I probably just opened a can of worms by saying what I just did because there are some guys out there hellbent that there is a conspiracy with breed purity but until there are facts to back the claims I see no good coming out of what they are doing.

The 1 thing I get a chuckle out of are the folks who accuse breed associations and bull studs of ruining breed progress by hyping up EPDs and academia because the bottom line is you as a breeder make your own choices and management decisions and no association or sire stud is going to force you to use genetics that don't fit your program and customer needs. If you fail its because of the decisions YOU made.

Brimmer Pimps
by greybeard (Posted Thu, 20 Jul 2017 23:23:00 GMT+5)

Al die motorfiets manne moet pasop vir die Brahmane!=All motorcycle men should beware of the Brahmans!

Gettin cussed movin hay
by Dave (Posted Thu, 20 Jul 2017 23:16:25 GMT+5)
greybeard wrote:Dave wrote:dun wrote:I thought I was the only one that did that

I did that a dozen times yesterday. Hauling manure over to a neighbors hay field. I am only on the road for about 150 yards but with that side slinger manure spreader I can't see behind myself. About 50 yards before my drive I start slowly edging toward the middle to prevent anyone from passing.
Ever been tempted to turn it on when someone tries to pass?
(or you pass a bicyclist?)

There are times I would really like to but it throws the manure to the right. The bicyclist I would like to get are the bike races that occur here 6 or so times a year. But they go faster than my tractor so they would pass on the left. Dang it.

Calf leg problem
by kenny thomas (Posted Thu, 20 Jul 2017 22:16:10 GMT+5)
Probably born with contracted tendons. If so as it gets stronger it will be fine.

multi min 90 without a script
by BK9954 (Posted Thu, 20 Jul 2017 22:06:18 GMT+5)
wbvs58 wrote:A script is not needed when we buy it in Australia, must be a requirement to get it into the US.

Yeah they canceled my order from Australia when I didnt have one. I was buying 2 bottles to stock up.

looking to buy first cows
by farmerjan (Posted Thu, 20 Jul 2017 22:04:05 GMT+5)
Waiting with bated breath for " the rest of the story" .....

Truck Brand
by hillbilly beef man (Posted Thu, 20 Jul 2017 22:03:13 GMT+5)
Nesikep wrote:all you flatlanders!!!

Here's one of our local roads.. GEAR DOWN!

It aint steep till crap starts coming off the dash.

Spray or clip?
by Caustic Burno (Posted Thu, 20 Jul 2017 21:47:09 GMT+5)
B I never believed in cutting cow feed unless I was putting it in a bale.

Anyone here raise pigs? Need feed advice.
by BK9954 (Posted Thu, 20 Jul 2017 21:40:23 GMT+5)
These hogs are about 75 pound feeders.

aim for behind the ear
by BK9954 (Posted Thu, 20 Jul 2017 21:38:40 GMT+5)
I either shoot them in the gut if they are over 100 yards or right over the front leg if 100 yards or less. Never lost one. I use a 45-70. Blows the guts out the other side. That cannon makes sure no matter where you hit them they aint reproducing again. I wont touch them unless I have to. After about 10 minutes it will look like their hair is moving and waving. Its all the ticks moving around because the blood isnt pumping anymore. Pretty gross. Those darn hogs are nasty things.

The juice is loose..........
by A.J. (Posted Thu, 20 Jul 2017 21:38:11 GMT+5)
Based on his previous track record I'd bet he'll do something dumb to violate and will be back in some day.

Wild afternoon on the church grounds.
by A.J. (Posted Thu, 20 Jul 2017 21:30:16 GMT+5)
That sounds like somethin that I would do. About stepping on a snake will usually cause me to slip one too. Seems like any time I slip one, my two year old son happens to be around and I have to change the subject real quick before he starts repeating it. Went out the front door one night and about stepped on this guy, and it was one of those occasions.

Thoughts on the Bee Keeper Starter Kit?
by BK9954 (Posted Thu, 20 Jul 2017 21:22:56 GMT+5) ... gIKlfD_BwE


The Southeast Brangus Breeders Association (SBBA) will host a cattlemen's gathering at the Seminole Indian Reservation in Brighton, Florida, on Friday, Aug. 18.
The economic injury level of face flies, a common pest of pastured cattle, is only 10 insects per animal.
First-calf heifers. Let's face it – we all struggle with them at least to some degree. And it's an issue that we face not just here in Tennessee, but across the entire country.
A capacity crowd gathered at Cavender's picturesque Neches River Ranch to evaluate the largest offering of registered Brangus and Ultrablack females presented anywhere in the spring of 2017.
Interest in planting cover crops on Mississippi row crop acres continues to grow, along with interest in adding livestock grazing on those acres. Cover crops have been used by growers of cash crops for many years to solve a number of problems. Erosion, water quality, nutrient loss, compaction, organic matter, and conversion to no-till planting have all been addressed by the use of cover crops
Remote drug delivery (RDD) systems, or dart guns, are being used more and more frequently throughout the beef industry for the delivery of antibiotics.
As ruminants, cattle can eat a lot of forage in a short time. Understanding and taking grazing behavior into account can help stockmen optimize production when managing cattle on pastures.
A few years ago we were in the midst of one of the worst droughts in US history. It had huge implications on the beef cattle producer as well as most of production agriculture. Fortunately, these conditions passed, moisture conditions improved in most areas and we were back to “normal.”
It's summer and many Americans are on vacation. But not my wife and I.
“Selection indices, to me, are the most valuable tool we have to help us make more right decisions and fewer mistakes,” says Donnell Brown of R.A. Brown Ranch at Throckmorton, Texas.
Whether you're a beef cattle producer or a tobacco producer, you can learn useful strategies to make your operation more productive at the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture's Tobacco, Beef and More Field Day.
The ABBA National Brahman Show will be held in Hattiesburg, Miss., October 2-7, 2017 at the Forest County Multi-Purpose Center.
The American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) held its 93rd Annual Membership Meeting March 8 in Houston where they initiated a new president, board members, and officers, and recognized outstanding members of the Brahman breed.
Beef cattle producers should be observant when conducting annual health vaccination protocols on their cattle, according to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service experts.
As is common every year about this time, I have been getting calls and emails regarding hoof problems producers are seeing in their cattle. Generally this starts with “I've been having several cases of foot rot over the last few weeks. . . . ,” and the follow up discussion covers potential treatment and prevention.

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